At Intermex Wire Transfer, we recognize that our social responsibility goes beyond providing a quality service.


We are committed to supporting local communities, creating financial tools for underrepresented populations, and prioritizing diversity and inclusion in our workforce.


Our team is dedicated to creating a more equitable and sustainable future, promoting community involvement through volunteer efforts focusing on diversity and community improvement.


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Intermex Wire Transfer & His House Children's Home:

We proudly partner with His House Children’s Home, a private non-profit, faith-based organization since 2008. For over 31 years, His House has brought stability and restored the lives of over 20,000 children and remains a frontline provider of residential and foster care services. In 2023, we have also partnered with 4KIDS to expand our community impact initiatives by volunteering together for cottage and home makeovers for foster children and the underserved in the community.


Giving back through Santa's Elves:

Every December, we are honored to participate in the Santa's Elves initiative, providing holiday celebrations and gifts to over 25 families in need. We not only donate money to the cause but volunteer to help make the holiday season special.


Training, Development & Well-being:

We offer our team diverse internal training and support programs. These may include community days and volunteering opportunities where we participate together, or the implementation of responsive work policies that ensure Intermex is a welcoming, safe, and inclusive place for all, such as our required anti-harassment training that all new hires must complete.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Our workforce is exceptionally diverse, and we take pride in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We know diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences bring valuable insights to our business and our customers. Our commitment to diversity is evident in our hiring practices: 96% of our United States team members identified themselves as racially or ethnically diverse, 50% of our U.S. workforce identified as females, and 21% of our senior leadership roles were filled by women. Regarding our Corporate Store Sales Associates and District Sales Managers, this year in 2023, these positions have been established by 96.3% of employees that identify within Hispanic ethnicities and about 64.8% female employees.


Human Capital:

We invest in our workforce by offering a competitive total rewards package that, in addition to a salary, includes performance incentives and comprehensive benefits. Our benefits are intended to be competitive in the market and focused on the needs of our employees, aiming to attract and retain highly qualified talent. Our incentives are primarily measurable and performance-based, designed to align compensation with our business strategy and goals. We have enhanced our onboarding process and plan to further improve learning and development programs to drive quicker integration, development, and higher productivity of new employees, as well as the ongoing development of team members to ensure robust recruitment and retention.

We value diversity and inclusion, striving to create a work environment where everyone feels valued and devoted to their work. As of December 31, 2023, 95% of our U.S. team members identified themselves as racially or ethnically diverse. Also, 60% of our U.S. team identified themselves as female.

In 2024, we intend to continue promoting greater community involvement through philanthropic and volunteer efforts, with a focus on diversity, community improvement, and STEM programs. Since 2020, the well-being and health of our employees have remained one of our top priorities, especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic. We adjusted standard operating procedures within our business operations to ensure continued worker safety.

As of December 31, 2023, we had 534 employees in the United States, all of whom are full-time. We also have 698 employees in Mexico, of whom 261 are part-time and 427 are full-time, 79 employees in Guatemala, all of whom are full-time, and 54 employees in the Dominican Republic, all of whom are full-time employees; and 70 full-time and 6 part-time employees in Europe.

Intermex has a majority independent Board of Directors, consisting of six (6) board members [out of a total of nine (9)] that are independent non-employee members of the Board of Directors. In addition, five (5) board members [out of a total of nine (9) board members] are diverse, based on diverse - gender and ethnic backgrounds. Specifically, our Board consists of three (3) female directors, and three (3) directors identify themselves as racially or ethnically diverse.

EEO Report 2023


Financial Tools for Unbanked & Underserved Communities:

Most of our sending agents are minority-owned businesses and/or are in neighborhoods with a high percentage of residents who identify as minorities, which are a big part of the communities we serve. We are committed to bringing value to local communities by continuing the enhancement of our digital offering, launching and growing new card products, researching and developing new products for our consumers (Insurance, Micro-lending, Credit Cards, etc.), and establishing partnerships with adjacent companies to provide customer value and commercial sales/partnerships for Wire as a Service (WaaS) product growth.


Other Social Practices:

The company's equity plan includes a Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) Agent Plan. This allows management to identify key agents and award RSUs to individuals who contribute significant efforts towards driving the business and supporting underrepresented communities. Additionally, Intermex works with Americans for Immigrant Justice Sponsorship, an award-winning non-profit law firm that fights for justice for immigrants through a combination of direct representation, impact litigation, advocacy, and outreach.