Our goal is to make sure that every customer has an exceptional experience every single time

To that end, we partner with strategic retail agents to consistently deliver outstanding personal service.

About List

About List



Omnichannel means an abundance of choices.

These days, we feature an omnichannel approach because our customers demand it. We now offer as many ways as possible to send money. Our customers can send a wire at any of our retail locations, or they can send it online by using a debit card, credit card, or ACH.

Customers can receive money digitally into their bank accounts, load it onto a mobile wallet, cash out at an ATM, or pick it up in cash at a nearby agent location. It’s also important to note that all these funds are available in minutes.

Going Digital


Going digital more than ever.

We continue to expand our online business for customers who prefer this option. Those remittances can be sent quickly and easily from www.intermexonline.com or from our mobile app.

A growing network


A growing network and customer base.

Intermex just seems to continue to grow daily. We now boast over 4.5 million customers, over 100,000 payout locations and can wire money to over 20 Latin American countries, 8 African countries, and 2 in Asia.

Founded in 1994, Intermex is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and has international offices in Puebla, Mexico and Guatemala City, Guatemala.



Intermex launches operations in Washington and Oregon.


The company expands and moves our headquarters to Miami.


Now licensed in 10 states, agents starts using computers to communicate remotely.


We expand into Texas by acquiring a key Dallas-based money order firm.


New York investment firm Lindsay, Goldberg & Bessemer acquire a major stake in Intermex, providing capital to pursue new opportunities.


Intermex acquires Servimex, Inc., a money transfer company, and expands to yet eight more states.


We purchase Americana de Servicios and Maniflo, opening the door to operations in New York and California.


Retail financial services pro, Robert Lisy, becomes Intermex President & CEO. Plans to expand into Mexico, Central, and South America..


Intermex solidifies its positioning as a leading money transfer sender to Latin America.


Intermex is acquired by Stella Point from private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg.


After merging with FinTech Acquisition Corp, Intermex goes public under the new name Intermex International Money Express.


Intermex opens the market to Africa and expands to Canada allowing consumers to send money transfers to Africa and Latin America.



Intermex Completes La Nacional Acquisition of U.S. Based Assets.
La Nacional is one of the leading money transfer companies to the Dominican Republic.