Good corporate governance is essential to protect the interests of our customers, investors, and other shareholders.


We strive to ensure that our governance practices are transparent and accountable, and are committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards.


Review below our latest Governance updates:


Diverse and Majority Independent Board of Directors:

A diverse executive board is essential to provide a range of perspectives and experience to guide the company's decision-making process. We have an intentional approach to ensuring a diverse board and strive to make the majority of the board independent.

Currently, Intermex has a majority independent Board of Directors, comprising six members out of a total of nine who are independent non-employee members of the Board. Additionally, five board members out of the total nine are diverse, representing various gender and ethnic backgrounds. Specifically, our Board includes three female directors and three directors who identify themselves as racially or ethnically diverse.


Transparency is Key:

We promote sustainable value creation by publicly disclosing our compensation rates for named executives, including long-term incentive components. This helps us ensure our executives are properly incentivized to create long-term value for the company, and our customers, employees, and shareholders are confident in our commitment to fairness and transparency.


Ethical Business Practices:

Raising business ethics awareness among employees is extremely important to us. We've established anonymous and confidential reporting channels, fostering a safe and retaliation-free environment for reporters. We are also currently working on implementing compliance risk assessments and third-party anti-corruption due diligence measures.


Prioritizing Employee Well-being and Diversity:

We offer our employees up-to-market standards compensations, incentive programs, a paid time-off plan to support work-life balance, and other benefits to prioritize their well-being. Our new facility also features a gym available for all employees, incentivizing healthy habits. We have established clear policies and procedures for preventing discrimination and harassment, providing them with resources to address and report concerns safely.


Responsible Investments:

We are committed to our corporate governance (ESG) principles to ensure our investments, such as implementing energy-efficient devices at our facilities, are ethical and in line with our values.